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Cloud-Native Intelligent Data Lake Platform:LakeInsight

Enterprise level one-stop real-time data analysis and AI development platform, providing real-time integration of multi-source data, real-time data warehouse modeling, BI indicator reporting platform and AI development platform, achieving data+AI integration


Version 1: Development version

Covering real-time data integration, real-time computing development, and data query services. Build a real-time lake warehouse data intelligent base for enterprises.

Version 2: Indicator Report Version

Based on real-time lake storage, low code construction indicator platform and real-time BI reports. Build real-time data-driven management decision-making for enterprises.

Version 3: AI development version

Building an AI model seamlessly based on lake warehouse data, achieving one-stop support for multiple applications of BI and AI with one piece of data.

Rich application scenarios to meet various business needs

Suitable for unified aggregation and management of heterogeneous data from multiple sources, updating data streams in batches, and meeting the requirements of data-driven intelligent integrated decision-making for customers in various industries

Government and enterprise

Build a data intelligence platform, enhance the standardization level of data governance, and enhance the efficiency of decision-making services.


Real time collection of buried data and transaction data in e-commerce, advertising, content, marketing and other scenarios, further constructing machine learning samples, and building a real-time personalized recommendation system.


Large scale IoT data collection and organization, providing real-time data query and analysis, constructing real-time prediction and warning models, guiding production operations, and optimizing efficiency.


Import Hucang from core databases such as Oracle, combine user dimension information, calculate data indicators and AI models in real-time, and support key businesses such as personalized credit and real-time anti fraud.


low cost

Cloud native data lake provides massive storage and elastic computing. Low delivery and maintenance costs

High timeliness

Abandoning the traditional T+1 run count process, updating reports at the minute level, and reducing computational resource costs

Unified data base

Building a unified data center centered around the lake, with a unified data caliber, to avoid redundant construction like a chimney

One stop open ecosystem

Supporting various data applications such as BI report screens and AI on the lake, fully unleashing the value of data


A large aviation group (real-time lake warehouse platform project):

Adopting a real-time lake warehouse platform, gradually replacing the original T+1 data warehouse with a real-time data warehouse modeling, and building a real-time data service platform to achieve self-service data retrieval for business, while laying a foundation for the subsequent construction of AI applications.

A certain transportation group (lake warehouse integrated data platform project):

Use a real-time lake warehouse platform to gather global data, build an indicator system, and apply automatic report generation (BI) and natural language queries (AI).

A certain internet finance company (real-time data intelligent platform project):

Real time integration of marketing data from multiple sources, building a refined user profile circle, extracting key features, training personalized loan assistance models, and achieving significant business benefits.

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