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Why DMetaSoul?

DMetaSoul provides a one-stop new infrastructure platform from data source to data value release.

Fast, stable, convenient and low-cost products and services

One-stop lakehouse intelligent new infrastructure

Based on LakeSoul, the only domestic lakehouse framework, we have created a modern lakehouse data intelligent architecture integrating processing, analysis and intelligence, serving many industries such as e-commerce, aviation, banking and railway, providing low-cost real-time data center, real-time BI analysis, intelligent recommendation, intelligent text generation and other solutions. Committed to maximizing data value for enterprises to empower business, service new infrastructure, so that data intelligence at your fingertips

Partial solution

One-stop Personalized Recommendation

Intelligent Risk Control SaaS

Intelligent text generation Engine


Real-time data middle platform

Real-time Lakehouse BI Analysis

Real-time Machine Learning Platform

Covering multiple industries, providing efficient and professional data intelligence new services

In-depth mining of data value, driven by business enablement, to provide professional data fusion, technology optimization, business analysis and other implementation, consulting services


Personalized recommendations, post-purchase links, guess what you like, intelligent customer service, etc


Real-time synchronization of vehicle data, real-time reports, intelligent railway platform, etc


Visual reports, digital production, integrated pharmaceutical marketing, etc


Intelligent risk control, anti-cheating, anti-fraud, real-time data reports, etc


Financial management recommendation, credit approval, intelligent investment advisory, risk management, etc


APP home page recommendations, return ticket recommendations, hotel advertisements, data reports, etc

Core advantages

Based on the domestic lakehouse LakeSoul to create a one-stop lakehouse intelligent new infrastructure, set processing, analysis, intelligence in one, fully covering the whole process of enterprise business

real-time lakehouse

A modern lakehouse intelligent architecture, which supports concurrent write and ACID transactions, incremental write and Upsert updates, and providing highly scalable Catalog metadata services


Support the direct reading of structured and unstructured data of various data lakes and data silos, realize the seamless integration of model training and big data system, support sparse features, and is unified and efficient offline

mutiple enterprise-class features

Provide SSO single sign-on, RBAC permission management, etc., and can be connected with the enterprise's own LDAP account system, or third-party account system such as Github Team


From data source to intelligent analysis, we provide complete code development, online production service deployment functions, and provide mutiple development tools to achieve seamless connection between data and AI and BI

Cloud native

Meet the dual scenarios of public cloud and private cloud, support private deployment under the user's own cloud service account, automatic deployment without manual intervention

Embrace open source

It provides multiple self-developed components to realize the core functions and embraces the mature open ecology to reduce the learning threshold

technological innovation

DMetaSoul focuses on the cutting-edge technology of data intelligence, in-depth production, learning, research, and comprehensive linkage, and is committed to providing enterprises with the latest, fastest and most practical technical new infrastructure

LakeSoul 国产湖仓框架新篇章:开源基金会孵化,国产信创认证,新版本重磅发布


数元灵科技加入LF AI & Data基金会,并捐赠开源湖仓项目 LakeSoul


当湖仓遇上大模型:LakeSoul 实现 Data+AI 一体化湖仓架构的新思考


赋能产学融合,共创科技未来,数元灵携手CCF BDCI总决赛暨颁奖典礼圆满落幕


Technical Strength

National High-tech Enterprise


Product adaptation testing and certification of MIIT

Linux Foundation AI & Data

Information Security Management System Certification

Zhongguancun high-tech enterprises

Multiple software copyrights and invention patents

The 10 most promising starups

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A New Infrastructure for One-stop Lakehouse Intelligent