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AlphaIDE cloud-native one-stop AI development and production platform

A new generation intelligent platform that provides a complete development and production environment and seamlessly connects to mainstream public clouds at home and abroad

Provide a complete development and production environment

Through containerization, it seamlessly connects to mainstream public clouds at home and overseas, quickly deploys data intelligence platforms, and provides one-click deployment and operation of Web IDE development interface, data analysis, machine learning training, online prediction, and algorithm experimental application services.

Data-centric one-stop development and production platform

It provides complete functionality for code development, job scheduling, online production service deployment, and rich Data Ops and ML Ops development tools.

Integrate common development components

It integrates several DMetaSoul self-developed frameworks, such as LakeSoul and MetaSpore, and provides open-source computing frameworks, such as Spark and Flink. Support Notebook's workflow production scheduling and provide custom Jupyter/CodeServer container images, eliminating the need for developers to package their runtime images.

Cloud-native private deployment

It supports private deployment under the user's cloud service account. Users only need to provide the authorization of a cloud account (the authorization can be canceled after the cluster is created). AlphaIDE can be automatically deployed under the user's cloud account without manual intervention.

Rich enterprise functions

Provides single sign-on (SSO) and Role Based Access Control (RBAC) permission management and can communicate with enterprise account systems, such as LDAP, or third-party account systems, such as GitHub Team. AlphaIDE also supports resource quota control and integrates log collection and query, service status, and performance monitoring.

Integration based on core capabilities, oriented to business, to achieve efficient empowerment

Cluster provisioning and component installation management

It provides unified SSO login and permission control and supports native deployment in mainstream and domestic public cloud environments.

Cloud-native containerized computing platform

Extreme flexibility, cost reduction, unified development and production environment, and extremely simple operation.

Data-driven development paradigm

Business standardization, Data+MLOps, helps a business quickly land.

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